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Free Diving

We are now able to offer the PADI Freediving courses. Up to and including the Advanced level


Situated a short 15 minutes away from the Dive Centre, this cavern is the only one around this area where you can surface inside and remove your regulator and mask. Depending on your level of experience, we enter through one of three ways: a tunnel, a hole or the main opening. The inside is illuminated […]


This 115 metres RO-RO ferry tragically sank after hitting some rocks in stormy weather during the evening of September 26th 2000, resulting in the loss of 82 lives. Lying on its starboard side at a depth of 34 metres, this is best appreciated over a number of dives. You can still see cars inside the main vehicle hold, […]


Built on the top of a rock, the church dedicated to St Spiridhon commands amazing views of the North of Antiparos and across to Parikia, Paros. There is always time to climb up there during our surface interval as we usually try to make this our first dive of the trip. Mooring up in a sheltered […]


Red Rock is a large piece of volcanic rock jutting out of the sea just a 10 minute boat ride from our Dive Centre. The formation has a reddish colour to it, hence its name. The bottom of the main base is at 12 metres, but swimming around it can take you to almost 30. With plenty of […]


Incredible rock formations and a wide swim through give The Cathedral its name. Walls covered with hundreds of colourful sponges are the main attraction of this site, where we light the torches, enjoy the colours and watch the fish swimming out there in the blue.


After the descent, we swim to the reef’s edge at 5 metres, enjoy the view and then go down to 18 metres and swim along the wall. Thousands of small fish swim around us while we stay on the look out for Tuna and Stingrays. At 25-30 metres (advanced divers) we can see Groupers and lots of colourful Anthias.


Barracuda point is a reef that rises from the depths up to 12 metres. At 20 metres there are large rocks, walls and a small canyon. Around it we may see thousands of small fish and very often Barracudas, Groupers and Stingrays.


On descending we begin swimming through the canyons which are the main attraction of the site. These canyons are the home to many critters that like to hide here. These include Lobsters, Octopuses, Morays and Cray fish, so be sure to look in the many crevices and holes along the way. Out in the blue […]


The Three Valleys is somewhat connected with “The Canyons ” although it is actually a different site. This site has plenty of marine life and a hill that slopes down to a large area covered with Posidonia and rocks