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Divemaster Training (part 3)

Diving Antiparos
While a few weeks diving was great, I found getting to grips with what it means to work in a dive shop and start on the ladder to being a dive professional equally engaging. There is the practical stuff, like fitting people up for gear, setting up the boat, filling tanks and the ritual post-dive […]

Divemaster Training (part 2)

Antiparos diving
The real draw of diving in Greece is the inanimate stuff. Whether that means rocks or wrecks, there is a lot in store to explore. To give you a taste, what follows are three local dives I undertook during my Divemaster, in ascending order of interest. “Mick Jagger’s Lips” Back-rolling from the rib, we entered […]

Divemaster Training (part 1)

Antiparos diving
There are many potential benefits of changing jobs. For me, high on the list is grabbing a little pocket of freedom in between the grind. Doing just that a couple of years back, I managed to squeeze out six late summer weeks and ran away to our troubled European partners, Greece. I spent a month […]